Hello and thank you for visiting my photography site. 
My passion for photography blends well with my love for people, nature and adventure. Whether creating images for others, or myself, I strive to create thoughtful and honest imagery. This does not mean I don't use post processing techniques that may alter the original photograph or photographs. It depends on what I'm photographing and why. As much as I can, I prefer to stick to using basic post processing techniques to correct color and tonal values, some cropping and straightening. Sometimes I may use creativity and digital tools to expand on a concept and/or make a photograph more impactful. 
Camera equipment aside, I believe nothing replaces the printed photograph and wish more people would print  their images on paper or another medium. There is something about the tactile nature of a print that gives an  image more emotional than exists with a digital file.
I've shot and continue to shoot a variety of cameras and equipment. I'm currently using the Canon RF series mirrorless system as my primary, but I also shoot with an Olympus micro 4/3. I also like to use my iPhone and Moment lenses, as well as an Olympus Tough, point and shoot. I like the Olympus micro 4/3 for hiking, backpacking, and travel, when I want to go lighter in general. The TG-5 comes in handy when when I know I'll be focusing more on the activity than photography, and shooting in challenging (wet/cold/rugged) conditions such as Sea Kayaking. I have to admit, the iPhone 12ProMax is a pretty amazing photographic tool, and it's with me always!  
Do you have a photographic need in mind? Feel free to reach out, and let's chat!
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